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How to calculate the heating area of 2 ton gas boiler?



How to calculate the heating area of 2 ton gas boiler?

The heating area of boiler is the heating heat generated by the 1 ton boiler  divided by the heat required per square meter of building.For example, the heat  generated by 1ton of steam boiler is 700,000 kcal, and 100 calories heat are  required per square meter of building (residential, office, hotel, etc.)  according to current national standards. Therefore, the heating area of 1 ton  steam boiler is 700,000 ÷100 = 7,000 square metersIndustrial Steam Boiler.

The heating area of 2 ton gas boiler.
The heating area of 2 ton gas boiler can be 12000-16000 square meters.If the  enterprise needs heating of 20,000 square meters of building area, then it can  be used 4 ton boilers by dividing 20,000 by 6000. At the same time, enterprises  can purchase gas steam boilers. When heating, you need to consult us  specifically to get the right selection.

2 ton gas heating boiler introduction.
2 ton gas fired heating boiler adopts the international popular shell-type  three-return, full-wet back structure, and the combustion chamber has a large  volume design, which makes the combustion more complete. The fuel is burnt in  the furnace under micro-positive pressure, and the high-temperature flue gas  enters the first flue pipe bundle 180℃; backwards through the return chamber, and  the pressed front cigarette case is further turned 180 into the second tube  bundle, and the convection is exchanged. Heated into the atmosphere.

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